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Mingo Aerospace, a division of Sunvair Aerospace Group, Announces New Partnership with Virgin Galactic to advance their Space Tourism Business

April 29 2024

Virgin Galactic Spaceship

Sunvair Aerospace Group, a leader in aerospace services, is excited to announce a new landmark partnership with Virgin Galactic, a marquee name in the space industry. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the burgeoning field of space travel and tourism, with Sunvair Aerospace Group set to manufacture main landing gear for the Delta platform – Virgin Galactic’s latest venture into space tourism. Sunvair Aerospace Group will not only provide state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions but also provide extensive engineering and project management oversight. This ensures the highest standards of quality and innovation that both Sunvair Aerospace Group and Virgin Galactic are known for.

"We are delighted to embark on this journey with Virgin Galactic, which aligns perfectly with our engineering and project management expertise; enabling our key contribution to Virgin Galactic’s groundbreaking advancements in Aviation," said Dale Roberts, President of Mingo Aerospace.
This partnership is also a testament to Sunvair Aerospace Group's commitment to small fleet sustainability, demonstrating the company's dedication to responsible and forward-thinking approaches in aerospace technology.

Sunvair Aerospace Group is a global Aerospace service provider, specializing in MRO, Engineering, and Manufacturing. Sunvair Group is comprised of four operating divisions: Sunvair, Mingo Aerospace, AAIC and Aerospace Plating. Each division shares a commitment to delivering the highest quality MRO services with uncompromising customer service.

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Mingo Aerospace, a Sunvair Aerospace Group company, was recently recognized for excellence in sustainable waste management

April 24 2024

Responsible waste management is the cornerstone of environmental stewardship.

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Sunvair, a division of Sunvair Aerospace Group, Achieves Important Milestone

April 02 2024

Sunvair Milestone

Sunvair Aerospace Group proudly announces a significant achievement for its Sunvair division in support of The Boeing Company. Sunvair recently completed its inaugural Boeing 787 landing gear shipset overhaul, marking a pivotal milestone in its commitment to excellence in aerospace maintenance.

The success of this project underscores Sunvair’s unwavering dedication to quality and reliability. Sunvair Group’s vertical integration, which includes the cutting-edge HVOF capability of Mingo Aerospace and the wire harness and proximity sensor overhaul expertise of AAIC, enabled the organization to execute the overhaul with exceptional precision and efficiency. This accomplishment is a testament to the skill and determination of Sunvair's best-in-class workforce, whose expertise and determination ensure exceptional results, meeting, and exceeding industry standards.

Kerry Jarandson, CEO of Sunvair Aerospace Group, expressed pride in the achievement, stating, "This milestone exemplifies our relentless pursuit of excellence and our enduring partnership with Boeing. We invite global customers to experience Sunvair Group’s Engineered Reliability, where quality and commitment converge to redefine aerospace maintenance standards." Sunvair continues to lead the industry, delivering unparalleled service, and setting new benchmarks for reliability and performance.

Media Contact: Justin Saxbury, Vice President of Global Sales,

Sunvair Inc., a division of Sunvair Aerospace Group (SAG), expands USGov services.

March 18 2024

Sunvair Aerospace Group, in collaboration with V2X and sister company Mingo Aerospace, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining production approval for landing gear components. This achievement showcases strategic advancement in addressing critical obsolescence issues within military aviation. The approval represents the culmination of extensive efforts to overcome production hurdles and ensure the continued operational readiness of vital training equipment for US Military pilots and creates a foundation for addressing similar challenges in the future.

The partnership between Sunvair Aerospace Group and V2X underscores the power of collaboration in tackling complex aerospace manufacturing issues. By pooling resources, expertise, and capabilities, they have been able to navigate regulatory requirements and technical challenges while mitigating obsolescence risks. Furthermore, the expansion of services offered to the US Military represents a strategic move by the Sunvair Aerospace Group to strengthen its position as a trusted provider of aerospace solutions. The company can now offer a broader range of products and services tailored to the specific needs of military aviation. This not only enhances the company's solution portfolio but also solidifies its reputation as a reliable partner in the defense sector. By leveraging partnerships, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, the Sunvair Group can continue to overcome challenges and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of fleet longevity.

Matt Tatman, Director of Sales noted “This an excellent example of Sunvair Groups commitment to fleet sustainability, providing additional value to our partners like V2X, and our collective end customer (USGov)”.

Mingo Aerospace Celebrates Zac Price’s NextGen Under 30 Award Recognition in Oklahoma

October 11 2023

TULSA, OK - Mingo Aerospace is delighted to announce that our Business Development Manager, Zac Price, has been honored with the esteemed NextGen Under 30 award for Oklahoma. This distinction acknowledges his outstanding contributions to our company and the broader aerospace industry, as well as his commitment to the local community.

In his tenure with Mingo, Zac's innovative strategies have driven significant revenue growth, further expanding our company's footprint both locally and globally. His ability to nurture relationships has played a crucial role in solidifying our client base, boosting both our company's and Oklahoma's economic prospects.
Zac’s collaboration with state entities underscores his proactive approach to company growth, while his long-standing involvement in local causes, particularly the Tulsa Boys Home, showcases his dedication to community betterment.

"Zac's NextGen Under 30 recognition is a testament to his invaluable contributions to Sunvair Group and the community at large," commented Dale Roberts, President of Mingo Aerospace. "We're proud to have such a dynamic talent in our team, representing the best of Oklahoma's young professionals."

Media Contact
Justin Saxbury
Vice President of Global Sales

About Sunvair Aerospace Group:
Sunvair Aerospace Group is a global maintenance, repair and overhaul services provider comprised of four operating divisions: Sunvair, Mingo Aerospace, AAIC and Aerospace Plating. Each division shares a commitment to delivering the highest quality MRO services with uncompromising customer service.

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